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Amy Gallahger


Amy Gallagher is an actor and filmmaker. Amy's short film 'Her' was her directorial debut. It was chosen to screen at IndieCork in 2019. Amy spent her lockdown days reeling with introspection, reading books and watching films. Random Fact: Amy has a C1 Truck Driving Licence.

A kind of Internal Self Portrait. In words.



The making of me is far from elliptical.

Others come out the womb themselves. Why

Did I not? Where have I been

All this time?

I felt non-

My excuse, that I’m brewing. The only

Problem with that; I’ve been brewing my

Whole life.

Internal Warfare. Patient love. Tough love.

This is not a race. I am a project.

empty line

To be. The person I want to be. To live.

A life.

I’m proud of.