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Letizia Lopreiato


Letizia is a visual poet working with the media of film photography and poetry in her practice, from Dublin (originally Italian).
Letizia embraced film photography three years ago, only a few months after her visual impairment got diagnosed.

She is a registered member with Visual Artists Ireland and regular contributor to Poetry Ireland and Poetry Day Ireland. She comes from a research background in International Relations for Cooperation and Development, with a major in the use of media within politics and international organisations. Documenting reality through storytelling, to explore social issues and uncover social injustice has always been the focus of her poetry. Now this opportunity has been made even more powerful, thanks to the vehicle for empathy that is the camera lens.

Letizia writes poetry both in English, Spanish and Italian with a main focus on documentary topics. Since 2014, when she hosted her first visual art show in Dublin, she started researching on ways to combine her work of poetry with a visual component. This happened thanks to film photography, which she considers her new form of self-expression, enabling her to give her poetry a multidimensional documentary perspective, always with an art-photography style.

Letizia used the time during lockdown to find the stillness and the focus needed, in order to finalise her three year documentary film photography and poetry project, dedicated to her journey of healing through art.

The narrative of this work is the result of a deep inner exploration following a series of losses after the passing of her dad, the relocation of her mum from Italy to Dublin to finally be reunited as a family, and above all, it is the outcome of the acceptance in regards to her visual impairment that art and creativity have been representing for her, as the best gift of all.

Photography has granted Letizia a new set of eyes, eyes which have allowed her to embrace her disability and the vulnerability that suddenly came with it, as an empowering force, a source of strength and courage, for both her personal and artistic development.

This journey surely constituted one of those signs that only the universe can send our way, to set us back on the best path for ourselves, by asking us to leverage at best all our resources.

This creative exploration has been the most life changing experience of Letizia’s life, in the acceptance of vulnerability as a tool for understanding the world within her, and all around her.

A call for self compassion, self love, and self respect to serve not just our individual artistic drive, but in order to create and explore the infinite power of art, in the name of a community, where everybody could feel encouraged to share an open message, to find support and understanding, whilst facing a time of struggle.

Letizia believes her world was placed upside down by her visual impairment diagnosis, to teach her the greatest lessons of all in life, the one that art can heal all wounds if we let it, as she now can see how her life got placed back where it should be by it, at the same time.

About Letizia's The Timelapse project and its features, exhibitions:

Letizia's three year documentary and biographical project recently got featured by Magnum Photos in the best practices section of their website.

Letizia got selected along other 5 artists globally, following a review of her project with Magnum photographers this summer.

Due to Covid 19 and the impossibility to host a physical show of her project as of now, Letizia chose to keep on working incessantly, to make sure that her project could anyways see the light during 2020.

Letizia has just launched via her IG profile, a release of The Timelapse images and poetry, via an inclusive and interactive English and Italian audio-visual exhibition, focusing on both her poetry and film photography, by also including a bilingual spoken word series of videos. The idea of including spoken word of her poetry in two languages, came to her for the first time, whilst reflecting on how to facilitate access to her exhibition's content, by individuals with a visual and / or earing impairment too.

She is also created a dedicated website page where she is unfolding the chapters of this project one by one, including film photography highlights, prose and poetry, just as if they were part of a book.

The Darkroom Dublin hosted her solo show, presenting an audio visual of her spoken word and BW images, extracts from Chapter 1 of The Timelapse. The solo exhibition has been presented as part of Culture Night on-line official program on September 18th, and it has been followed by an artist's talk, in conversation with curator Mella Travers on October 8th, in celebration of World Sight Day.

The Timelapse's project has also been featured in the category artist of the month of the arts and culture publication Cassandra Voices on June 5th, 2020.