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Episode 1:

Douglas Reddan

Douglas Reddan is a 22-year-old Clare-born artist based in Dublin. His practice is primarily concerned with dance, while also incorporating his expertise in film and engagement with performance art. Douglas’ choreography draws from a blend of hip-hop styles, western theatre dance and contemporary techniques. His work focuses on the politics of the queer and dysphoric body framing, showing these bodies in bold statements of strength or vulnerability. Taking a humanistic approach challenging the dancer vs human concept.

Primarily based at Fly Dance Studio, a hub for dance in Ireland. His recent artistic achievements include his self-directed video ‘So Much Betta’, his direction of TUD’s Dance Society, choreographer for Tv personality and performer Paul Ryder and Uk based Danish artist Marie Dahlstrom. Looking into theatre with movement direction and choreography for two Dublin theatre festivals in established theatres.

Episode 2:

Julie Weber

Julie Weber is an artist that explores the realms of ontology, she focuses on her relationships with evolution, labour and invisibility. Fabricated landscapes and her use of speculative fiction allude to darker realities within the work. She was awarded the Royal Hibernian Academy’s Peer Residency based on her Graduate Show from the Masters in Fine Art (Digital) at the National College of Art and Design in 2019.

Episode 3:

Danielle Siobhan

Since the age of 15, she worked as retoucher, assistant and photographer in Amsterdam, London and New York. Working alongside Alexi Lubomirski, Pieter Henket, Agata Serge, Jasper Abels, at several different studios including Tim Walker Studio London and Irving Penn Studio New York. Nowadays she combines modelling with her work as photographer and post producer for clients such as Suitcase, The North Face, Wallpaper* and Life & Thyme. Danielle Siobhan is born in The Netherlands, has strong roots in Ireland and spent lockdown in Dublin. She currently lives in Amsterdam and is available worldwide. Award/Book: Fresh Eyes ‘best European photographers of 2019’, presented at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2019.

Episode 4:

Owen De Forge

Owen De Forge is a painter and illustrator living in Dublin. His work deals with the subjective nature of perception and memory. Visual stimuli are understood through a lens of past and present experiences. Unconscious biases create a unique image in the eye of each individual beholder. Fusing elements of imagination with ‘objective’ photographic reference, Owen seeks to acknowledge these biases and respond to each subject in a personal and emotional manner.